Cullinan Mine & Pretoria Full Day Tour

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Cullinan Mine & Pretoria Full Day Tour

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The Cullinan Mine has given South Africa some 25% of stones known to have weight in excess of 400 carats. We take you on a journey of discovery through the administrative capital known as the “Jacaranda City”. Pretoria, a city of tree-lined avenues with fascinating architecture and historical monuments. Such as Paul Kruger House, the Union Buildings and Voortrekker Monument. A discovery not be missed!

In one day you will visit 4 different places which are the following: Union Building, Paul Kruger House, Voortrekker Monument and  Cullinan Mine Surface Walk. 

Why visiting Pretoria?

Pretoria city – the administrative capital of South Africa is known as the “Jacaranda City” mainly for its tree-lined avenues and fascinating architecture. Visit historical monuments such as the Paul Kruger House and Voortrekker Monument and not forgetting the Union Buildings. The city is the original home of the Afrikaans people.

The Union Buildings, seat of executive government and symbol of the new South Africa. And the Voortrekker Monument, rising like a sentinel in the south of Pretoria. This monument is an essential piece of the puzzle in understanding the Afrikaner people. The friezes explains their entire history from the Great Trek up to the Battle of Blood River and the forming of the Boer Republics. If you are visiting in October, you’ll experience the best of all purple Jacarandas in bloom along most of the cities streets.

First of all, it is a very entertaining city where you can do a lot of activities. Indeed, shopping in the local shopping or walking streets, visits to monuments and museums, safaris nearby and Johannesburg nearby. Indeed, the city is very close to a lot of natural reserve where you can see animals in liberty. Due to its strategic geographical location the city is very interesting because of all the things you can also see outside the town closely. Furthermore, Pretoria is a young city with the largest correspondence university in the world and the University of Pretoria is one of the largest in the country with about 30,000 students. Consequently, Pretoria is a young and modern city where you have always something to do. Also Pretoria is very safe city. 

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  • See Union Building

    South Africa’s Union Buildings, The Official Seat Of The National Government, House The Offices Of The President And Are Located In Tshwane. Though Not In The Center Of Pretoria The Union Buildings Occupy The Highest Point Of Pretoria, And Constitute A South African National Heritage Site.

  • Paul Kruger House

    The Kruger House Was Built In 1884. Paul Kruger Took A Leading Role In The Transvaal War Against Britain In 1889-1881. At The Age Of 57 Kruger Was Elected President Of The Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) And Took Up Residence At Kruger House In Pretoria.

  • Voortrekker Monument

    The Majestic Voortrekker Monument Is Situated In The Pretoria (Tshwane) Region In A Nature Reserve. It Is A Unique Monument Which Commemorates The Pioneer History Of Southern Africa And The History Of The Afrikaner And Is Situated In A Beautiful Setting.

  • Cullinan Mine Surface Walk

    The Cullinan/Premier Diamond Mine Is Situated 40km East Of Pretoria In The Town Of Cullinan. This Tour Covers The History Of The Mine, Mining Methods And The Geological Processes Of That Are Responsible For The Creation Of Diamonds

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