Cradle of Humankind and Lion Park Full Day

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Cradle of Humankind and Lion Park Full Day

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At about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, the Cradle of Humankind is a must-see for all archaeology lovers and anyone curious about the history of Homo Sapiens. You will get to see the world-famous caves renowned for the discovery of its ancient fossils An informative, amazing discovery and experience not to be missed!

Also enjoy a Half Day safari in the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve. The park boasts with a variety of wildlife animals such as lions, buffalo, antelope and rhinos. A tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle! Also this is an opportunity to see these splendid and majestic animals in their natural states. 

Cradle of Humankind:

First of all, The Cradle of Humankind was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 because of the area’s exceptional contribution to our understanding of the humanity’ s history, over more than 3-million years. Furthermore, there are 15 major fossil sites in the Cradle of Humankind, of which Sterkfontein Caves is the most famous. Also it has produced some of the oldest and largest number of human and animal fossils ever discovered with lots of them dating back to over 3 million years ago.

If you are a fervent of history or simply curious, this tour is for you. Discover the wild nature and history of the Man’ s origins for a day.

In conclusion, jump on the opportunity to meet the most majestic African animals and visit the museum of human history. 

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Return: 17:00


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  • Mrs. Ples & Little Foot
    In 1947 A Scientist Found The Almost Complete Skull Of An Adult Female And Initially Named The Skull Plesianthropus Transvaalensis (Near-Man From Transvaal), But It Became Better Known By Its Nickname, Mrs. Ples. In 1997, A Near Complete Skeleton Of A Second Species Of Australopithecus Was Found In The Caves. The Skeleton Was Named Little Foot, Since The First Parts Found (In 1995, In Storage) Were The Bones Of A Foot.
  • The Caves
    Sterkfontein (Afrikaans For Strong Spring) Is A Set Of Limestone Caves Of Special Interest To Paleo-Anthropologists Located In Gauteng Province, About 40 Km (23 Miles) Northwest Of Johannesburg. Sterkfontein Is A South African National Heritage Site And Was Also Declared A World Heritage Site In 1999 And The Area In Which It Is Situated, Was Named The Cradle Of Humankind.
  • The New Scientific Exhibition
    The New Scientific Exhibition Showcases A Reconstruction Of A Mined Cave – Formations And Geology, Early Life Forms, Mammals And Hominid Fossils, Among Other Topics. It Describes In Detail Important Finds, As Well As Providing Information About Fossilisation, Palaeobotany And Landscapes.
  • Game Drive
    This Is One Of The Most Important Elements Of The Safari. Drive With A Private Driver And At The Same Time Professional Guide Through The Nature Reserve And Get Close To The Wild Animals. With A Lot Of Passion, You Will Be Provided With Interesting Information About The Animals Home, Life Etc.
  • Animal Spotting From Vehicle
    Enjoy Your Safari While Spotting The Animals That The National Park Is Renowned For. You Will See How The Animals Behave In There Natural Habitat.
  • Free Roaming Wild Animals
    Buffalos, Rhinos. Lions, Giraffes And So Much More Wild Animals Are Waiting For You – Come To See Them Walking Around Like They Want To. They Feel Completely Free And You Can Watch Them While They Are Following Their Daily Routine